Pan-Asian Vegan Cuisine

A4.	steamed spinach shumai

A4. steamed spinach shumai    $5.50

 - with vinaigrette soy sauce

A18.	 grilled tempeh

A18. grilled tempeh    $5.50

- with satay sauce

A19. avocado tartar

A19. avocado tartar    $8.50

- mountain yam, mango, with lime wasabi sauce

m4. sweet & sour sesame soy protein

m4. sweet & sour sesame soy protein    $13.50

- w. broccoli & cauliflower

m7. basil Soy protein

m7. basil Soy protein    $14.50

- w. zucchini, asparagus & bell peppers

m19. cilantro tofu

m19. cilantro tofu    $14.50

-sauteed soft bean curd, seitan, shitake, mushrooms, cilantro in chili soy bean sauce

m8. smoked teriyaki seitan

m8. smoked teriyaki seitan    $14.50

 - w. sugar snap-peas

S7. avocado salad

S7. avocado salad    $7.50

- mixed greens, avocado, tofu cheese, w. carrot-ginger dressing

S8. mango salad

S8. mango salad    $7.50

- mixed greens, mango, asparagus, peppers, w. miso mustard dressing