noodles & rice & sides

N1. Korean style stir    $10.50

-fried glass noodles - with vegetables & "vegi" fish cake

N2. udon or soba noodle soup    $9.50

 - with soy filet & vegetables

N3. stir-fried udon or soba noodle    $10.50

- with vegetables & brown tofu

N4. cold green tea noodle tossed    $7.00

- with sesame sauce

N5. pineapple fried rice    $10.50

- with sunflower seeds, avocado & lettuce, soy ham

N6. bibimbap assorted vegetables    $13.50

 - with soy bean paste & kimchee sauce

N8. pad See elw    $10.50

- stir-fried flat noodles with Chinese broccoli in black soy sauce

N9. pad thai    $9.50

- rice noodle, bean sprouts, brown tofu, crushed peanuts

N10. thai basil fried rice    $10.50

- fresh basil, bell peppers, onions with soy ham

N11. Wheat Noodle Ramen    $10.00

 - Stir-fried wheat ramen noodles with mixed vegetable and brown tofu

N14. zaru Soba    $7.00

- with a mild wasabi dipping sauce

N15. white rice or brown rice    $1.00

 with soy beans
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