w. brown rice (except m9 - m14) miso soup or green salad

M1. Tofu Teriyaki    $14.50

- with broccoli, onions & bean sprouts..

M2. Mango Soy Protein    $16.50

- with vegetables in plum sauce..

M3. Sweet Citrus Soy Protein    $15.50

- with kale & almonds..

M4. Sweet & Sour Sesame Soy Protein    $15.50

- w. broccoli & cauliflower..

M5. Malaysian Curry Stew    $15.50

- with soy protein, carrot, broccoli & potatoes..

M6. Black Pepper Seitan    $17.50

 - with Chinese broccoli..

M7. Basil Soy Protein    $16.50

- w. zucchini, asparagus & bell peppers..

M8. Smoked Teriyaki Seitan    $16.50

 - w. sugar snap-peas..

M9. Vegetable Medley Lettuce Wraps    $16.50

 - w. pine nuts (boston lettuce included)..

M10. Soy Cutlet Platter    $17.50

- with black bean sauce..

M11. Sauteed Tofu & Vegetables    $14.50

- in brown sauce..

M12. Eggplant & String Beans    $15.50

 - in basil garlic sauce..

M13. Jade Mushroom    $15.50

 - w. green kale in spicy sweet sauce..

M14. Shredded Moo Shu Vegetables    $13.50

 (wrapped included)..

M15. Fisherman's Vegetable Protein    $16.50

in white sauce..

M16. Sauteed Shredded Bean Curd    $14.50

 - bean curd, pepper, bean sprouts, chives & onion ..

M17. General Tso's Soy Protein    $17.50

- w. broccoli..

M18. Orange Seitan    $17.50

- with broccoli..

M19. Cilantro Tofu    $15.50

-sauteed soft bean curd, seitan, shitake, mushrooms, cilantro in chili soy bean sauce..

M20. Grilled Soy Protein Fillet    $15.50

- with asparagus & sugar snap-peas on vegan barbecued sauce..

M21. Pineapple "Veggie" Seafood    $17.50

- with coconut milk & curry sauce..

M22. Ginger Soy Protein    $15.50

- with bell pepper, onion & scallion in orange ginger sauce..

M23. Crispy Pepper Soy Protein    $16.50

- with savory tomato sauce over a bed of kale..

M24. Green Curry Tofu    $17.50

- Organic tofu with bell pepper, string beans and eggplant slow-cooked w/ coconut milk..

M25. Red Curry Seitan    $17.50

- Seitan with eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower and bell pepper w/ coconut milk..
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